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Not only are all CadmiumCD products easy to use, but they work together, creating an efficient and streamlined process. Any data you give us travels through each system, offering the best experience possible. We offer a full suite of products that cover the entire conference experience.


One Vendor for Your Entire Event - CadmiumCD

We offer a full suite of products that cover your entire conference. All CadmiumCD products work together, creating an efficient and streamlined process. Any data you give us travels through each system, offering the best conference management experience possible. Speakers, exhibitors, and attendees will thank you for it!


Call for Papers - Abstract Scorecard

It all begins with abstract collection. Once your conference is underway, the call for papers begins. It can take months to collect, review and select speaker papers. CadmiumCD offers a complete abstract collection system that is convenient for authors, planners, and managers.


Speaker Organization - Conference Harvester

CadmiumCD's Conference Harvester organizes all speaker data into an intuitive format. Collect speaker biographies, photos, and presentations, in one place. Keep speakers on point by a setting task-oriented deadlines. Our system will send automated emails to remind them what's left to submit.


Exhibitor Data Management - Conference Harvester

Manage booth sales, sponsor options, and company contact information with CadmiumCD's Conference Harvester. View a list of exhibitors, the booths they'll occupy, and their booth payment statuses. Set tasks for exhibitors to complete, collect logos, and write notes for streamlined event management.


Client Satisfaction - eventScribe

Attendees and exhibitors will be glad you chose eventScribe. CadmiumCD will create an online portal where attendees can plan their schedules with the itinerary planner, mark exhibitors they want to visit, and access exhibitor information. Exhibitors can share social media links, speaker and organization descriptions, and presentation files.


Active Attendance - eventScribe

CadmiumCD's mobile event app makes it easy for attendees, exhibitors, and speakers to connect. Attendees can access their personal schedules right from the palm of their hand. They can track which exhibitors they've visited, download speaker presentations, and take notes from their smartphone or tablet.


Meeting Education Made Easy - eventScribe

Continuing education is one of the most important aspects of the conference experience. With CadmiumCD's Survey Magnet, attendees can evaluate courses they've taken, review CE credits they've earned, and download certificates. Administrators can view which quizzes were offered and see who has completed their evaluations.


Floor Plans Perfected - eventScribe

Managing a floor plan has never been easier. CadmiumCD has worked hard to create beautiful, intuitive event floor plans that can be accessed almost anywhere. Exhibitors can purchase booths, upload materials, and add organization information all from the same system. Attendees love that they can view it on the web or on their mobile devices.


Quality Poster Galleries - eventScribe

Collect and share event posters with CadmiumCD's online ePoster gallery. Educational posters can be added to the eventScribe webpage complete with author credentials and detailed abstracts. The poster gallery is easy to search and navigate, so attendees can quickly find what they're looking for.


Post-Conference Proceedings - eventScribe

Audio, video, presentation files, and other educational materials are completely accessible to attendees on eventScribe after the event is over. CadmiumCD has an A/V team ready and willing to record your conference for easy integration into our system. We even sync audio with slides!

The CadmiumCD System

Event Management and Meeting Education in one place

  • Abstract Scorecard

  • Conference Harvester

  • Expo Floor Plan

  • Itinerary Planner

  • Mobile Event App

  • A/V Recordings

  • Event Proceedings

  • Quizzes & Evaluations

  • Easy Call for Papers

  • Collect Abstracts

    Collect presentation abstracts, award nominations, and grant information for review with Abstract Scorecard. Set task-based deadlines so submitters have the opportunity to download submission guidelines, pay submission fees, submit information for consideration, and upload personal biographies & attachments.

  • Review Submissions

    Add reviewers with various levels of access. Assign them to specific submissions so the process is smooth and clear. CadmiumCD's system will send automated e-mails to keep everyone on task.

  • Select Speakers

    CadmiumCD's Abstract Scorecard makes it easy for reviewers to select speakers once the abstract collection process is completed. Simply make your final decisions and inform the authors at the click of a button.

  • Simple Event Management

  • Manage Speakers

    CadmiumCD's Conference Harvester is a task-oriented system that allows conference planners to manage speakers, biographies, and presentation files. Send automated emails and keep in touch with speakers and ensure all tasks are completed on time.

  • Organize Exhibitors

    Access companies, contacts, booth selections and payments, all from the same system used to manage your event's speakers. Changes are easy to make and the results are instant.

  • Satisfy Sponsors

    When alternate vendors are used, sponsor options are often overlooked. CadmiumCD offers a solution that brings together the booth payment and sponsor options selection processes into one system.

  • Beautiful Expo Maps

  • Easy for Exhibitors

    Everything exhibitors share with the Conference Harvester is pushed onto the floor plan. No effort necessary. Booth numbers, booth sizes, exhibitor organization & company information, social media links, categories, ads & other branding items, all ready to go.

  • Intuitive for Attendees

    CadmiumCD will set up an eventScribe website for your conference where the floor plan is completely accessible. Attendees will be happy to have a beautiful floor plan they can reference anytime, anywhere.

  • Effortless for You

    CadmiumCD makes an event planner's job simple. Customize booth sizes, choose a color scheme to match your organization's branding, handle exhibitor booth payments, and make changes in seconds.

  • Organized Attendee Scheduler

  • See What's Offered

    Streamline your attendees' conference experience. With CadmiumCD's scheduler they can view a list of everything at your event. Search session information and exhibitors by date, time, track, keyword, speaker, category or booth number.

  • Mark Favorites

    The itinerary planner allows attendees to view a variety of exhibitor & speaker information, download presentation files, then bookmark what they'd like to visit based on their interests.

  • Build an Itinerary

    Everything your attendees bookmark is pushed directly to their schedule. There they can also add personal plans, import their desktop calendars, and save/print their itinerary.

  • Native Mobile Event App

  • Access the Floor Plan

    CadmiumCD's native mobile event app is the pinnacle your attendees' conference experience. After downloading the app from Apple's App Store for iOS or Google Play for Android tablets and smartphones, attendees can access your floor plan instantly.

  • View Presentation Materials

    Handouts, presentation slides, brochures, and audio files. Everything your attendees need to feel immersed in your conference is available in the app. They can take notes directly on speaker presentation slides and get additional information on exhibitors.

  • Keep Track of the Event

    Attendees can access their personal schedules so they know exactly where they've been and where they're going. They can search the attendee list and send personal messages to friends and colleagues right from the app.

  • Experienced A/V Specialists

  • We Have Our Own A/V Team!

    Our audio-visual team is ready and willing to record your event. Our technicians ensure the highest possible quality and work with speakers to maintain great recording throughout your conference. They use multiple devices to capture your speakers' presentations. Now that's peace of mind.

  • Completely Integrated Recordings

    CadmiumCD's A/V recordings assimilate with all of our other products seamlessly. Our recordings will be available on your event's password protected website immediately following the event. With tiered access, attendees will only have permission to view and download what their level allows.

  • Stay in Sync

    CadmiumCD wants your attendees to have the best conference experience possible. That's why we take the time to sync audio with presentation slides. Your attendees will feel like they're in the room with the speaker as they follow the presentation as it was meant to be seen.

  • Multi-Platform Distribution

  • Online Proceedings

    CadmiumCD's eventScribe website is your hub for everything. Your entire conference can be accessed by anyone who attended. Posters, presentations, audio & video, all available in one place.

  • On-Site Distribution

    Give your attendees the choice to carry your event with them. CadmiumCD can collect presentation materials weeks in advance and upload them to CDs or flash drives. They can be sold at your event by your team or ours if you need a helping hand.

  • Before, During, and After the Event

    The beauty of CadmiumCD's proceedings is that your attendees have access to them anywhere. They'll never have to choose between presentations again and can better judge which ones they want to attend before the conference. If they've forgotten that important bit of information, they're always free to reference the materials again.

  • Continuous Education

  • Set Tasks

    Give your attendees specific tasks to complete so they understand what's expected of them. Send out automated reminder emails that remind them to enter course voucher codes, download materials, update their profiles, complete quizzes & evaluations, and download their certificates.

  • Evaluate Courses

    Get a complete picture of your attendees' conference experience. Did the quality of the course meet their expectations, was the teaching method effective, what did they think of the venue? With CadmiumCD, quality improvement has never been easier.

  • Download Certificates

    CadmiumCD is your one source for meeting education. Your attendees can review credits they've earned and download completed certificates from eventScribe. Over 70% of our clients are in the medical industry so you can be sure your CME experience with us is superb, though we handle all types of continuing education in any field.