Quick & Paperless Exhibitor Rebooking That Will Improve Your Trade Show Workflow

This article was written by CadmiumCD Contributor, Pamela Shigeoka.

Illustrated by CadmiumCD’s Terrel Sleeter

A Real-World Solution to a Real-World Problem

The WVC Annual Conference is one of the largest events worldwide for veterinary professionals. Going into its 90th session in 2018, the WVC (formerly known as the Western Veterinary Conference) found themselves with a big time suck in their event planning. With over 500 exhibitors, rebooking exhibit hall spaces can be incredibly time-consuming when you have to enter all that data by hand. Luckily, CadmiumCD has developed technology in the Pro Expo Harvester® that makes rebooking much easier on event planners.

Why Paperless Is Painless

Previously, WVC used paper forms. Exhibitors would fill out a form and hand it in, and the show administrator would then input each exhibitor’s answers into Harvester®. That makes for a lot of work, so CadmiumCD worked hard at creating a solution to help WVC and other event professionals rebook exhibitors much more quickly and efficiently.

Instead of filling out paper forms, WVC exhibitors can now find a “Rebooking” link on their Expo Harvester task list. With a simple click, they can find all of the important information they need to manage their rebooking: contact information for the exhibits manager, event information, their exhibitor profile, a place to submit feedback, and the tasks that they need to complete.

In this case, the most important task is their booth space selection. They have four options:

  1. They can choose to keep the same booth that they had during last year’s show.
  2. They can choose to release the previous year’s space and select a new space.
  3. They can mark that they are still undecided.
  4. They can mark that they will not attend this year’s event.

Organizers can easily customize the options to fit the needs of their show.

Everybody Wins When Rebooking Is Easy

If an exhibitor selects options one or two, the exhibitor information is automatically added to the Expo Harvester exhibitor list. The manager has to do next to nothing to make sure this process runs smoothly. Harvester automatically creates an invoice and sets up the exhibitor’s booth information if they choose to keep the same space.

If they want to release the space, that data is also added to the Harvester, but the manager will need to contact them to choose their new exhibit space. After submitting their selection, the exhibitor is taken directly to their 2018 task list so they can get started on next year’s show.

This process is easier not only for the exhibitors but also for the exhibit managers. Managers can easily see numbers for each rebooking option, including how many exhibitors have not yet responded. Click each rebooking option, and you can also see a list of the exhibitors that chose that option. The manager can hover over a green comments bubble on each exhibitor’s entry to see any comments that the exhibitor has entered when rebooking and add their own comments in response.

Why This Matters To You

Rebooking can be an incredibly time-consuming process, or it can be quick and painless. CadmiumCD’s Pro Expo Harvester® makes it easy with built-in, adaptable rebooking options. There’s no need to waste time and paper getting responses from your returning exhibitors! Schedule a demo with CadmiumCD to find out how you can bring your event together today.

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