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"My experience with CadmiumCD was wonderful. The entire staff worked very hard to meet our extremely short timeline. Using CadmiunmCD enabled our small AIA chapter to have a remote jury in Philadelphia, with tremendous ease. Also, the entry fee was collected digitally and sent to us in regular installments. This was so much easier for almost all volunteer chapter. No paperwork. It also was a very green experience which aligned wth our core values. Joe Harbach was patient and agreeable, as he helped familiarize me with the CadiumCD process. We were using their platform in a smaller very focused way, but it still was very adaptable our needs. Also, when there were technical questions the team was extremely fast in responding."

Elisabeth Sloan, AIAC-VA

The CadmiumCD Platform

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I actually love this system. I always loathe the actual submission part because many processes are not intuitive. This process was easy and I love that it gave you an opportunity to print or save your submission.

2022 Diversity, Equity, and Student Success Conference

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