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Hermes SRR

Speaker Ready Room, Second Screen Technology, Digital Signage & Displays, Social Media Walls

Your Speaker Ready Room Software, Powered by CadmiumCD

Say goodbye to sneaker net. No more running presentations back and forth on USB. CadmiumCD's speaker ready room software integrates directly with your AV.

Collect and Push Content in Real Time

Collect presentations from speakers onsite, then push updated content and details out to AV products, and CadmiumCD's eventScribe attendee engagement platform.

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"I am an active member of the CadmiumCD fan club (hope to run for the Board someday, LOL!). This software is the BEST solution for managing your trade show. It simplifies almost all of the steps in the exhibiting process for both staff and exhibitors. The Task System helps my customers manage their presence (on their own schedule) and reduces annoying reminder messages from me. The floor plan is simple to manage and manipulate as I need (and has gotten even easier each year). Customer Service from CadmiumCD is exceptional...I always feel like they want me to succeed and that they are proud to play a role in that success. I never want to do my job without CadmiumCD!"

Jackie Stasch, UCA

The Attendee Engagement Platform

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Digital Signage

Collect information from speakers and push details out in real time to digital signage.

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Second Screen Technology

Share the most up-to-date presentation slides on mobile, laptop, and session projectors.

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Consistent Experiences

Create a comprehensive branded experience by keeping all software on one unified platform.

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