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A/V File Management

Speaker Ready Room Software and Digital Displays

CadmiumCD has created the Multi-Event App to help event organizers consolidate their conference and meeting planning efforts.

Make Updates Onsite

Say goodbye to SneakerNet! CadmiumCD has partnered with GES (Global Experience Specialists) to offer an exclusive speaker ready room software that can update eventScribe Digital Displays, event websites, and mobile apps instantly. Let your presenters update their slides and other presentation data in the speaker ready room with confidence, and make changes to the information you want to promote to your attendees with ease.

A Unified Experience

Give your attendees a unified experience. CadmiumCD's software updates session room slide decks, attendee apps, and digital signage placed outside session rooms or around the conference venue through a specially designed network provided by the GES A/V Team. Forget the hassle of running back and forth and start making instant changes all from one centralized location with CadmiumCD and GES.

GES (Global Experience Specialists) has recently announced its plans to partner with CadmiumCD. GES' newly expanded av team will provide event organizers with a robust set of network hardware and digital displays that use cadmiumcd's software to instantly update speaker, exhibitor, and general conference data around the venue and on attendee mobile devices and laptops.

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