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The Abstract Scorecard

Submissions & Review Software for Conferences and Events

"Abstracts, Call for Papers, Grants, and Awards, all on one platform!"

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Submissions & Reviews Software for Conferences and Events

Collect and review call for papers, abstracts, awards, and grants with the Abstract Scorecard

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Call for Papers Made Easy

The Abstract Scorecard!

Manage Your Call for Papers Submissions Better

Feel the weight lift off your shoulders and start streamlining your conference abstracts review process today in three easy steps. Request a demo & ask for pricing to find out how the Abstract Scorecard call for papers software will help you save time and money.

Conference Abstracts, Grants, Awards, and More

The Abstract Scorecard is a powerful piece of call for papers software that helps you manage much more than just conference abstracts. Does your association present awards to authors, speakers, or papers? Review and select the perfect candidate!

Three Simple Steps

Simplify your call for papers in three easy steps

Step 1 of the Abstract Scorecard call for papers software: Your speakers and presenters submit their conference abstracts.

Step One: Submit

Ask authors to log in and submit their abstracts. Easy as that. They’re able to review and edit their conference abstracts until the submission period is over, so no stress on them. Plus if there's a coauthor, they can log in and make changes too.

Step 2 of the Abstract Scorecard call for papers software: Your reviewers will review the conference abstracts.

Step Two: Review

Your association’s reviewers can view the conference abstracts side-by-side with a customized scorecard for the most comprehensive reviews possible. With call for papers software like this, the review process will be over in no time!

Step 3 of the Abstract Scorecard call for papers software: Easily select the conference abstracts best for your conference or meeting.

Step Three: Select

View detailed statistics about your conference abstracts reviews & make informed decisions at the touch of a button with the accept/reject drop down menu. This is call for papers software you don’t want to miss. Get in touch for a demo!

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