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Join Lee Gimpel, founder of Better Meetings to learn how to create more connected events with better, more effective networking built into their DNA -- be that in-person, online or hybrid. It's time for conference organizers to think about how engagement between speakers, attendees, exhibitors, sponsors, staff, etc. drives more registrations, lowers attendee churn, improves satisfaction, and increases sponsor/exhibitor engagement and value.

Join John Nawn, founder of The Event Strategy Network, to learn how you can apply traditional business strategy tactics to your digital, hybrid, and in-person events. You'll walk away with powerful insights for improving your events by using concepts from the world of business analytics and research.

Join the Expo Experts from CadmiumCD to learn how to drive more booth traffic for your virtual exhibitors, help sponsors gain better ROI, and use technology to make your digital trade shows something to get excited about.

Join to learn how to deliver your poster gallery in unique and interesting ways that extend into the live, virtual, and on-demand portions of your event. We'll be exploring how ASHP translated their live poster gallery to a virtual experience, and the lessons learned that will be applied when we return to in-person events.

The ACCME commercial support update has changed things for those who manage continuing education programs for their organization. Join EthosCE's Ezra Wolfe and CadmiumCD's George Heitzmann as they navigate these changes with a roundtable of industry experts.

This session will explore today's best hybrid and virtual engagement opportunities -- and show you how to turn these into events that deliver a high-value experience for everyone involved.

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