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Join expo expert, Jen Rice, to learn how technology can help you sell booth space and sponsorships, deliver value to exhibitors and attendees, and create exceptional trade show experiences.

They're not what you think. Join Marianne Bryant and Erin Fields to explore how to achieve event success with your event site using eventScribe Websites.

Ready to manage your conference content with confidence? Join CadmiumCD Project Manager, Christine Revitte, to learn how to solve your speaker problems and make managing content easier with the Conference Harvester.

Join Product Manager Dani Zieren to see how to can create surveys with multiple outcomes based on user choices. Dani will be joined by Product Specialist, Sharon Risberg, who will dive deeper into benefits of using the Survey Magnet.

Reach new heights with tools and options in your event app. Discover how to use Room Check-In, Boost, Scavenger Hunts, Main Screen Editor, and Audience Response to maximize your attendee experience.

The hardest part of expo management? Reporting booth and sponsorship sales. These seven new reports in CadmiumCD's Expo Harvester make it easy to access financial data and report on expo sales.

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