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Do you have a large volume of rooms that need unique setups and equipment? Do you wish there were a way to assign room capacities and automatically schedule your sessions based on room needs and availability? Join Melissa Smitheman, CadmiumCD Operations Manager, to see how organizations like ALA, WVC, and AUA have stepped into the future and use event tech to solve these problems and more.

In this webinar, CadmiumCD content experts Nate Knauer and Josh Miller, will teach you how to capture and share conference content as Conference Proceedings.

In this webinar Michelle Wyatt, CadmiumCD CEO and co-founder, will share how to use CadmiumCD's eventScribe App to deliver exceptional experiences to conference attendees.

In this webinar Bryan Scott will share a brief overview of what its means to be GDPR Ready and what processes CadmiumCD has in place to be compliant as a data processor.

In this webinar, Jen Rice and Kathy Hoshko will share how to use CadmiumCD's Exhibitor Harvester to manage exhibitor tasks and uploads, create beautiful trade show floor plans, and sell sponsorship items.

In this webinar, education professional, Sharon Risberg, MEd, will share how meeting planners can use the Survey Magnet to evaluate individual sessions, and provide overall conference feedback, with detailed post-event reports.

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