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Activity Feeds the eventScribe Way

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Track Room Capacity and Reservations with Your Event App.

Share Photos and Comments

Attendees can use the eventScribe app activity feed to share photos and comments with other attendees. It's like your event's own social media feed. Post filtering and custom search options come built-in. Organizers can post branded content and sell sponsorship opportunities on the activity feed page.

Advanced Search Options

Search any post for keywords, names, and organizations. Search directly in the feed or in the app's universal search function. This is a great tool for educational research, revisiting a post, and finding relevant content. It's also easy to share posts with social media platforms and other outlets.

Screenshot showing how to use eventScribe App for room check-in purposes and a conference.

Requirements for Attendee Chat

Access notes, tear sheets, room setups, and other logistics details, all from your event app.

Access to WiFi Connection

Contact team members, vendors, and other stakeholders at the touch of a button.

eventScribe App

Create to-dos and prioritize tasks so your team can react to your conference's needs in real time.

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