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Get a demo of CadmiumCD's eventScribe Live platform for your virtual conferences and trade shows. This webinar series meets Tuesdays and Thursdays through August 2020.

Join CadmiumCD Expo Harvester Project Manager, Megan Brodbeck, to explore new virtual booth options, how to price virtual events for exhibitors, and great ways to generate revenue through sponsorship and advertising.

Join an all-star panel of experts lead by CadmiumCD's Joe Felperin to discuss the industry's most pressing question. What does the future of events look like?

As many conferences, trade shows, and events pivot to a virtual format, many of us are asking ourselves: how can we make this feel like face-to-face? The answer is video chats. On this webinar, we'll explore how to set up a virtual event space that captures the best of face-to-face, and how video chats can be used for networking, education, and sponsorship.

Learn how to deliver value to all stakeholders at your virtual event. This webinar will cover how to use virtual events to retain revenue, educate members, and get maximum usage from content created for your online conference or trade show.

Virtual Expo & Engagement Tools -- On this webinar, we'll cover how to virtualize your 2020 event and get the most out of this year’s content for both your attendees and exhibitors.

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