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Join Megan Kurtzman to learn how to leverage project management and productivity tools to manage your conferences, trade shows, and meetings.

Lead Accessibility Developer, Meghan Capiaghi, and Abstract Scorecard Project Manager, Amanda Weber, will discuss how new software tools and accessibility requirements will impact your conference submissions and review processes in 2019.

Join Megan Kurtzman and D'Nan Godfrey to learn how to use your event app to access tear sheets and other meeting planner functionality right from the same app your attendees use.

Join CadmiumCD Expo Harvester Project Manager, Jen Rice, to learn how trade show organizers can collect information from their exhibitors, manage content that's already been submitted, and give exhibitors a single location to keep track of show details and deliverables.

Join Megan Kurtzman to learn how to manage conference logistics from beginning to end. You'll see how logistics management software will simplify important processes like resource allocation, room management, staff management, presentation scheduling, conflict checking, and tear sheet reporting.

Join event app expert D'Nan Godfrey to learn what you can do with an event app. We'll explore basic functionality of the eventScribe app, how meeting planners can use Boost to communicate with vendors and manage conference details onsite, and the admin tools CadmiumCD has created to put more control in the hands of users.

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