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Responsive Conference Websites that Attendees Love

Let attendees make the most out of their time at your conference or event. The eventScribe Itinerary Planner will help attendees navigate your event efficiently and sync their plan with your event app.

The Survey Magnet allows administrators to assign different credit types to various groups of participants. This image shows an example of multiple credit slots on the finished certificate, and how administrators can enter certificate codes and verification codes that attendees can use to unlock these credit types.

A True Content Hub for Your Events

Manage speaker information, conference details, and sessions all from one platform using the Conference Harvester. Deliver presentation files, handouts, and audio with eventScribe.

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For All Steps of Your Meeting Planning

eventScribe Website Uses Before the Event

  • Collect content from speakers and exhibitors
  • Customize branding and functionality
  • Build the conference schedule and connect content with your website
  • Sell booth space, advertising, and sponsorship items

eventScribe Website Uses During the Event

  • Integrate content with your eventScribe Mobile Event App
  • Deliver exceptional experiences with an interactive floor plan, custom schedules, and communication tools
  • Link files and connect with social media
  • Make last minute changes using the Conference Harvester

eventScribe Website Uses After the Event

  • Share audio, slides, and video from session with attendees
  • Give attendees, speakers, and exhibitors the tools they need to stay in touch
  • Sell Conference Proceedings to attendees who didn't attend
  • Collect Content

  • Manage Content

  • Share Content

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" CadmiumCD's event management platforms are highly functional and navigable for both admins and end-users. The team is highly responsive and continuously expanding system capabilities to address our needs. Starting with the Abstract Scorecard, which we use for conference presentation proposals as well as applications to participate in our organization's programs, offers a fluid process for every step from accepting proposals to reviews to acceptance notifications. When coupled with the Education Harvester, online itinerary planner, and mobile app, we go from proposals to publication of conference programs all in one seamless system. I have enjoyed working with the Cadmium teams and their software for the past few years. "

— Preston Reeves , NAFSA

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