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Conference Proceedings

Audio Recordings, Content Sharing, Presentation Sync, Content Capture, Slide Sharing, PDF Handouts

Capture Your Conference Content

CadmiumCD has an audio recording and content capture team that's ready to take your conference content and deliver it to attendees.

Share Proceedings with Attendees

Share MP3 audio files and PDFs of presentations and handouts with attendees. Deliver MP4 video files of synchronized audio and slides.

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"As a tech nerd, I really enjoyed Cadmium and its capabilities. This was my first time using event tech and it was exciting to see the database information populate into the end-user platforms so seamlessly. Cadmium provides a wealth of training opportunities and training documentation. I loved being able to learn on my own and reach out for help. My co-worker prefers to be guided step by step. With Cadmium we were provided with both types of service. I appreciate that Cadmium is constantly evaluating and improving their products and takes feedback from users directly to the development team to be implemented."

Michelle Khoury, Lifesavers Conference, Inc.

Record and Share Your Conference Content

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Audio Recordings

Our team uses the latest technology to capture audio and video of your conference's presentations.

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Presentation Synchronization

Audio and presentation slides will be synchronized so your attendees feel like they attended every session.

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Content Distribution

Distribute conference proceedings through eventScribe, on any device, in multiple formats.

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