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The myCadmium software platform works for any stage of your conference, event, or trade show.

From Abstracts to App, We're With You Every Step of the Way.

Bring all your event management processes together on one software system. Submissions and reviews, speaker and presentation management, sponsorships and booth sales. Then deliver an exceptional experience to attendees on eventScribe, the world's most robust attendee engagement platform.

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"Cadmium is a fantastic choice for us! It gives us a database with lots of tools and customization to keep our data and programming details organized, and the website and other modules create a seamless experience to build effective tools that amplify attendee engagement. The reporting and worksheet functions are practical and robust and being able to design our own platform with lots of customization was great. Working with our Cadmium team has also been fantastic as they are kind, instructive, responsive, and feel like an extension of our own staff."

Jennifer Vitek, Kidney Cancer Association

The CadmiumCD Difference

We like to say that everyone needs a Cadmium makeover. So many clients come to us feeling bogged down by old ways of doing things. Emails, spreadsheets, printed forms, and paperwork are the way of the past...

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