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CadmiumCD Product Features

Event Software for Conferences and Trade Shows

eventScribe App

Display conference information, tracks, presentations, speakers, attendees, and more. Take notes on slides and send push notifications. Perfect for face-to-face, hybrid, and virtual events.

Tools Express Standard Pro
Go-Live Date/Pre Event

1 week 2 weeks 1 month
Core Features Express Standard Pro
Statistics Package

Access a comprehensive statistics package, illustrating activity within the website, sponsor clicks, presentation views, and attendee engagement.

Real Time Sync with Conference Harvester

Speaker, presentation and company data housed in the Conference Harvester syncs with the data shown to attendees on the website.

Email Tool

Create and send customized emails to attendees. Track views and clicks.

Expo Express Standard Pro
Exhibitor List

List of all exhibitors, with clickable links to company website. Includes option for small logo beside company name.

Exhibitor list with logos and company descriptions

Exhibitor social media links

Note-taking and microphone (audio) notes


Display up to two customized icons to distinguish companies.

Browse by category list

Browse by Booth/Category

Sort exhibitor list by booth number or company category. Includes an index to easily jump around on the list. Ability to mark and filter by favorites and booths visited.

Interactive Expo Floorplan

Extras Express Standard Pro

Boost your events with the eventScribe App. React to on-site experiences in real-time. Access team members, make changes to the schedule, and assign tasks at the touch of a button.

Conference info page with links

Event-branded camera tool

Online Summary of all notes

Event-branded QR scanner

Download all slides tool

Audio introduction upon opening app for first time

News page

Event countdown banner

Session evaluations (same questions for each presentation)

Interface Express Standard Pro
Homepage templates

Universal search

Social media posting + emailing content

Maps page

Customizable homepage

Note-taking, drawing + highlighting on slides

People Express Standard Pro

Speaker list with photos and bios

Email module to communicate with app users

Attendee List

App user (attendees) opt-in list with user-to-user messaging

Push notifications

Advanced filter tools (browse-by State, Country, etc.)

Speaker profiles with social media

Posters Express Standard Pro

Poster presenter list with photos and bios

Poster list with abstracts

ePosters + ePoster handouts (requires eventScribe® Posters)

Schedule Express Standard Pro

Browse by day, time, track, course, title, and speaker

Happening Now page

My Schedule page

Basic presentation profile

Advanced presentation profile

Sponsors Express Standard Pro

Main Screen Tiles

Sponsor splash screen

Sponsor list

Sponsored push notifications

Main Screen Sticky Banner

Main Screen Rotating Sticky Banners

Fullscreen sponsor ads (when you click menu item)

Presentation sponsor logos

Sponsorship badges for exhibitors

Sub-page sponsor ads