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CadmiumCD Product Features

Event Software for Conferences and Trade Shows

eventScribe Website

Allow delegates to plan their personal schedules, share conference content with attendees, and display additional details about sessions. Perfect for face-to-face, hybrid, and virtual events.

Core Features Express Standard Pro
Real Time Sync with Conference Harvester

Speaker, presentation and company data housed in the Conference Harvester syncs with the data shown to attendees on the website.

Statistics Package

Access a comprehensive statistics package, illustrating activity within the website, sponsor clicks, presentation views, and attendee engagement.

Email Tool

Create and send customized emails to attendees. Track views and clicks.

Interface Express Standard Pro

Self Publishing

Expo Express Standard Pro

Exhibitor Browsing

Exhibitor Social Media Links

Exhibitor Badges

Exhibitor Brochure

Interface Express Standard Pro
My Experience

Attendees can access a page displaying a synopsis of their participation at your virtual event. The attendees can see who they've connected with, their favorite presentations and exhibiting companies and their participation in your scavenger hunt.

Tile Screen

Branding options to include colors, photos, and sponor graphics on the main page of the website.

Event Branding

Event Social Media Links

People Express Standard Pro
Attendee-to-Attendee Networking

Attendees can sort through the list of attendees who share their profiles. Attendees can reach out to other attendees via text chat and/or email.

Digital Ribbons

Digital ribbons can be created and added by attendees to their profile. Digital ribbons can be a combination of professional and social ribbons. Attendees can use these ribbons to connect with one another.

Speaker List

Attendee List

Schedule Express Standard Pro
Event Browsing

Attendees can use custom browsing options to search and filter data.

Presentation Assets

Presentations slides, handouts, and other assets can be tied to presentations for attendees to access.

Presentation Branding

Add colors, icons and logos to differentiate presentations.

Sponsors Express Standard Pro

Right-Hand Sponsor Banner

Sponsored Presentations

Dynamic Sponsor List

Dynamic Sponsor Banner

User Access Express Standard Pro
Open Access

The site is publicly available with certain actions requiring an account.

Passcode Protected

Attendees must login with an assigned access code in order to access the website.

Shared Access Code

A shared access code is distributed to attendees in order to create an account.-

Personal Itinerary

After logging in, attendees create a personal itinerary.

Profile Editor

While creating a profile, attendees can include personal and professional information, choosing what they'd like to share with other attendees.