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CadmiumCD Product Features

Event Software for Conferences and Trade Shows

expo harvester

Trade shows, expos, and conventions, oh my! Keep track of your exhibitors and manage your floor plan with the Expo Harvester.

Core Features Express Standard Pro

Maximum Tasks

3 8 Unlimited
Access feedback from all Conference Harvester® Users

Review all feedback from users interacting with the exhibitor harvester

Advanced email module

The email module makes sending mass communication to all of your exhibitors easy through our custom distribution lists and templates emails.

Complete statistics package

Worksheets (DIY reports with editable fields)

Edit your data in our worksheets

Company data persists across multiple events

Company data is saved from multiple years and can be found in the multi-year company index

SSL security

Exhibitor Tasks Express Standard Pro
Exhibitor Terms & Conditions

This task allows the users to read the Terms and Conditions

Logo Upload

This task allows the company Logo to be uploaded.

Scavenger Hunt Results

This task is used to share scavenger hunt results

Exhibitor Details

Collect company name, website, contact info, mailing address, description, categories, and social media information.

Staff List

Collect names of complementary booth staff that will be attending the conference. Set limits on the number of names that can be added.

Brochure Upload

This task allows the company to upload a PDF version of their brochure that will dynamically appear on the evenscribe pop-up.

Booth Upgrade

This allows exhibitors to purchase booth upgrades through the task.

Complete Booth Payment

Allows exhibitors to make final payment through a task. Credit Card and checks are accepted.

Exhibitor download

This task allows the users to download a QR code, file, or link to webpage

Exhibitor file upload

Collect presentation files, video and other digital handouts. Specify required file formats and/or include limited and detailed instructions as an attachement

Exhibitor Survey

This task allows the client to create multiple questions for users.

Self-Select Product Categories

Interactive Floorplan Express Standard Pro
Booth Color Coding

On the admin floorplan, Booth's can be colored to indicate whether a booth is Paid, unpaid, on hold, open, unavailable, and reserved. All of the colors for the admin floorplan can be changed on the settings page.

Easy Floorplan Editing

On the admin floorplan, clients are able to move, resize, edit booth number and prices, remove, and remove coordinates by right clicking on a booth.

Highlighted Booth Locations

The highlighted booth location feature allows the user to view a specific booth number or company on the interactive floorplan.

Personalized Floorplan PDF

Clients send us a PDF of their floorplan which cadmium uses to create the interactive floorplan

Social Media Sharing Tools

This feature allows attendees to share an exhibiting companies information on social media

Online Booth Rental Express Standard Pro
Online Booth & Sponsorship Selection

The online booth rental process allows exhibitors to select their booth and sponsorship level or items.

Differentiated Booth Pricing

We support rate plans and member and non-member pricing.

Online Booth Payments

Through the rental process, exhibitors are able to pay for their booth on the payments page. We accept credit cards through the clients payment processor, checks, and wire transfers.

Priority Points System

Priority Points allows companies with more points to have the first choice at selecting a booth.

Single booth or Multi-booth Selection

Exhibitors have the option to select one booth, or multiple booths they would like to rent.

Streamlined Payment Process

We are able to connect the payments made through the rental process and tasks right to your transaction company such as Bluepay, Payflow, and Authorize.net

Rental setup at sponsorship or booth level

Have the option to set up your booth rental processes with selecting a sponsorship or a booth

Advanced sales module

In the Sales module, you can view payment summary, Payments list, Purchase items, sponsor items, discounts, exhibitor upgrades, and rate plans in one convenient location.

Active/Passive discounts

Active discounts allow exhibitors to enter in a discount code while selecting a booth. Passive discounts appear on the order review page before submitting payment


Send an invitation email to new or past exhibitors and add passive or active discounts.

Zone pricing

We are able to set up different pricing based on zones on your floor plan

PCi Compliant

We host your data securely with a PCI compliant hosting provider.