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CadmiumCD Product Features

Event Software for Conferences and Trade Shows

Speaker Harvester

Manage speaker and exhibitor content via a customizable task list, plan session and presentation details, and communicate with stakeholders via an email tool.

Core Features Express Standard Pro
Maximum Tasks

The maximum number of tasks you may assign to your users is defined by the product level.

5 12 Unlimited
Champion Module

The Champion Module allows clients with primarily VIP speakers to grant a supporting individual access with a VIP speaker’s task list for both monitoring and/or completing information without compromising data privacy. Additionally, this allows clients with a large number of speakers to assign non-administrators to be able to track individual speaker progress.

Access feedback from all Conference Harvester® Users

View your user feedback on their experience with the Harvester.

Advanced email module

Easily send out emails to specific groups of users, track engagement, send reminders to users who have missed deadlines for specific tasks.

Complete statistics package

Track and analyze user activity across all of your events.

Core reports (program book, speaker index, etc.)

Analyze and export your data using several of the Harvester's pre-generated reports.

Faculty data persists across multiple events

User information from previous events by the same client is maintained through all events that user is a part of.

SSL Security

All Cadmium products utilize SSL certificate encryption which is the standard security technology used to ensure that all data passed between our servers and users' browsers remain private and integral.

Worksheets (DIY reports with editable fields)

Worksheets are a browser-based spreadsheet-like environment used to organize, edit, and analyze data in the Harvester.

Email Express Standard Pro
Email tracking

Keep track of which users have received and viewed emails sent through the Cadmium system.

Hotkeys (mail-merge Conference Harvester® data into emails)

Hotkeys allow a Harvester admin to pull specific fields from their data and use them to create dynamic email messages for their users.

Custom distribution list options

Select multiple ways to filter your user list to send targeted emails.

Customizable Presentation Data Hotkey Formatting

Speaker promotion tools

For sharing event promotion, graphic, and URL for email signatures.

Speaker Tasks Express Standard Pro

The Survey task allows you to ask up to 10 questions to your speakers/presenters and store their answers in custom fields which can be used throughout the Harvester, Website and App.


Speakers can record themselves using a task built within the harvester.

Collect Social Media for Speakers

As part of the Profile Task, collect social media information from your users.


Collect biographies from users with optional word count or character limits.


Require users to accept or decline a statement allowing the managing organization to use and republish presentation files and/or audio/video collected as part of the meeting's proceedings. Frequently used with confirmation of speaker invitations.

File Download

Provide a link for users to download a document or access a web link.

File Upload

Presentations files, posters, video and other digital handouts are collected through this task. The format can be specified and or limited and detailed instructions can be included as an attachment.

Photo Upload

Photos can be uploaded by the speakers that meet certain pixel and/or size requirements.


Collect contact and professional information from users, including social media information.

Abstracts and Keywords

This features “pulls” in data already collected during the abstract collection process and allows speakers to review/edit their submission before publication. Keywords can also be added or confirmed.

Learning Objectives

Collect Learning Objectives from users. These are used to market to attendees the expected take-aways of the presentation.

Quiz Questions

Ask users to respond to up to 10 questions - Answer types can be Freeform, Yes/No, Checkbox, Dropdown, True/False or Multiple Choice.

Air Travel Airport Pickup

Collect arrival and departure times for drivers scheduled to pick up and drop off users at airport.

Air Travel Flight Arrangements

Collect user's air travel flight plans - often communicated to a travel agency that is booking airfare for the speakers.

Audio/Visual Needs

List AV equipment planned for the event and allow users to request additional items using a checklist.

Category Picker

This is a list of options or categories that speakers would be able to check off in a selection process. An example would be to select the appropriate experience level for attendees to participate in the session.


Speakers can access participation certificates for each of the presentations they are a part of.

Copyright Citations

Collect bibliographical information from the speakers and where their information has appeared in the past.

Disclosures and Resolutions

Identify financial relationship and other conflicts of interest about users, as well as appropriate resolutions that will be observed.

Education History

Collect user's education background.

Employment History

Collect user's employment background.

Hotel Reservation

Collect user's expected arrival/departure date as well as additional hotel room preferences.

Social Event Signup

Events that are typically being provided access to for free by the Speakers are administered through this task.

Tools Express Standard Pro
Create Presentation Short Links

Automatically generated short links which point to specific presentations or users' pages on an event's Eventscribe website.

Create QR Codes (Planner + App clients only)

Automatically generated scannable graphic which points to specific presentations or users' pages on an event's Eventscribe website or App.

Format User States

Automatically formats users' state to be consistent if they have been abbreviated or spelled inconsistently.

Format User Countries

Automatically formats users' countries to be consistent if they have been abbreviated or spelled inconsistently.

Abstract automatic HTML tag cleaner

Automatically remove unnecessary HTML coding artifacts from abstracts or other large field text.

Abstract Proofing

Proof read, track, and make changes to users abstracts, learning objectives, and presentation titles.

Format User Credentials

Automatically formats users' credentials to be consistent if they have been abbreviated or spelled inconsistently.

Learning Objective Cleanup

Standardize how learning objectives are presented.

Title Casing

Automatically alters presentations titles to only use capital letters for the principal words. Articles, conjunctions, and prepositions will not get capital letters unless they start the title.

Additional Logistics Package

The additional Logistics tool (which can be purchased separately) can be used to create visual schedules and perform conflict checking.