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Booth Sales, Sponsorship Sales, Advertising Options, Floor Plans, Data Management, Priority Points

CadmiumCD, makers of eventScribe and Survey Magnet, have a software as a service model, meaning every project comes with an assigned project manager. This image shows an iPhone with a finalized version of a task list created by the Survey Magnet. Some tasks have green checks for completion, others have red x's. The device is tilted to give the effect of falling.

Earn More Revenue from Exhibitors

Everybody wants better ROI. Earn more profit from exhibitors and deliver better experiences to them. Sell sponsorship items, ad space, and more.

The Survey Magnet gives administrators control over branding, access to multiple question types, and the ability to design custom CE certificates. This image shows an iPad with a finalized version of a survey generated by the Survey Magnet on it. The device is tilted and faded at the bottom to give the effect of falling. The end product is clean, mobile responsive, and branded.

Manage Exhibitor Content & Data

Make it easy on everyone. Ditch disjointed processes and bring your communication, content collection, task lists, and more, all onto one system.

CadmiumCD gets lots of positive feedback from clients of the Survey Magnet. Robin Feldman is one of those clients. In this picture she has short grey hair, fun earrings that dangle by her neck, and a smile that makes you feel warm and welcomed.

"Cadmium is an excellent conference management system. Our members and staff are pleased with the ease of using the system and submitting the required information. We have received positive feedback as people celebrate seeing the green check marks showing that all required task have been completed."

— Mary Square, Emergency Nurses Association (ENA)

Increase ROI with CadmiumCD

The Survey Magnet is used for events, meetings, and conferences. This image shows a yellow circle with a line icon drawn over top of it of two fizzy drink glasses clinking.

Booth & Sponsorship Sales

Sell booth space more efficiently, upgrade exhibitors to sponsorship options, and fill your ad space across multiple digital channels.

  • Floor Plan with Booth Selection
  • Advertising in eventScribe Apps and Websites
  • Digital Contracts
  • Sponsorship Sales Module
The Survey Magnet is used by associations to collect member data. This image shows a green circle with a line icon drawn over top of it of two flags waving around a heart.

Exhibitor Management

Collect content from exhibitors, set priority points, communicate with key contacts, and work with robust data in dynamic online spreadsheets.

  • Exhibitor Task Management
  • Email Communication Tool
  • Exhibitor Contact Database
  • Worksheets & Reports
The Survey Magnet is used by universities. This image shows an orange circle with a line icon drawn over top of it of a university building with a flag on top.

Exceptional Expo Experiences

Do more with your data. Display exhibitor details to attendees through websites, apps, floor plans, and more.

  • Integrated with eventScribe Floor Plans
  • Integrated with eventScribe Websites
  • Integrated with eventScribe Apps
Survey Magnet allows administrators to ditch manual processes like communicating via one-to-one emails, sorting through printed evaluations, and more. This image is a line drawn icon of a heart.

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