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Hybrid Events

eventScribe Live

Create multi-channel event experiences that engage attendees online and in person. Built for conferences and trade shows, perfect for any event.

Multi-Channel Event Experiences

Reach your face-to-face and virtual audiences all on one platform. eventScribe Live is a virtual events platform that has tools built-in for your live audiences too.

Live Streaming

Broadcast sessions to ballrooms, breakout rooms, and online audiences at the same time.

Attendee Engagement

Engage cross-channel audiences with digital Q&A, gamified leaderboards, and more.

Shared Experiences

Get attendees talking on real-time chats, activity feeds, and attendee profiles.

Trade Shows

Create hybrid expo halls that bring together the best of both worlds — online and in person.

Attendee Engagement for All Audiences

Audience Response

Attendee Chat / Q&A

Get audiences talking online and in-person with real-time chat and Q&A.

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Activity Feed

In-App Social Network

No matter where attendees are they can connect and share experiences.

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Attendee Networking

Contacts & Messaging

Create connection across the board with attendee profiles and 1-to-1 messages.

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Scavenger Hunts

Event Gamification

Place QR codes on your event website to get everyone playing, no matter where they are.

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Video Chats

Cross-Channel Experiences

Place tablets in expo booths and at in-person meetups to get your online audience involved.

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Paperless Offers

Brochures, Giveaways, and Products

Deliver in-app offerings to your online and in-person audiences for contactless, paperless delivery.

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Advertising Opportunities

Sponsorship opportunities on the eventScribe Live hybrid events platform.

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3 Steps to Managing Your Hybrid Events

1. Manage Your Event Content

Collect and manage speaker and exhibitor content with Conference Harvester

2. Build Your Attendee Engagement Platform

Create apps and websites for your conferences and trade shows with eventScribe

3. Deliver Content & Generate Revenue

Get educational materials and sponsored content in your attendees’ hands with Conference Proceedings and the Expo Portal

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We’ve built an entire library of PDF guides, webinars, and blog posts to help you plan and manage exceptional events. Access the library today to bring your hybrid events together.

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