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Virtual Conferences

eventScribe Live Education

Bring your hybrid, virtual, and digital conferences online with eventScribe Live, a meeting management and digital events platform.

Online Events Platform for Virtual Conferences

Record Audio for Speaker Presentations

All from the comfort of the speaker portal — no additional tools needed.

Deliver Live Stream & On-Demand Content

Serve up your conference content in real-time or as enduring materials.

Track Continuing Education Credits

Provide exceptional CE with quizzes, evaluations, and certificates built-in.

Manage Speakers and Presenters

Create Tasks for Speakers

The speaker portal makes it easy for speakers and presenters to submit biographies, content, disclosures, and other information.

Track Task Completions

See which speakers have completed their tasks and who still needs to submit without spreadsheets, cloud drives, and emails.

Communicate with Presenters

Send custom emails built with hotkeys to distribution lists based on speaker types, completed tasks, and more.

Collect & Share Conference Content

File Submissions

Collect presentations, handouts, posters, PDFs, and more from your session speakers and poster presenters.

Audio Recordings

Have speakers and presenters record audio right within the Conference Harvester portal.

Synchronized Presentations

The audio synchronizes instantly with presentation and poster files, which are available for export or upload to eventScribe Apps and Websites.

Create Digital Session Rooms

Live Stream Sessions

Live stream general sessions and breakouts with eventScribe Live for real-time attendee engagement.

Digital Event Information

Post schedules, speaker profiles, and session information on eventScribe Websites and Apps.

Enduring Educational Materials

Share audio recordings, presentation slides, and Conference Proceedings online and in your event app for year-round education.

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Sakura Emerine

Business Network for Offshore Wind

"After having had an opportunity to work with them for many years in the past, I knew I could call Cadmium for getting my client's virtual conference set up in just 10 days. I think Cadmium's strengths aren't just its superior system but also its staff who are very dedicated and passionate about their job. I was concerned to be one of their first virtual event clients, but I knew we could count on them. They've been working around the clock and we're excited to launch our virtual event this month!!"

Build Digital Poster Halls

Showcase Research

Give students and researchers a place to shine with audio synchronized with your posters.

Save Staff Time

No more physical posters onsite — digital posters are now available on your event website and app.

High Quality Images

Your virtual poster gallery is built with high quality images so attendees can see the details that matter.

Engage Your Attendees

Live Polling / Q&A

Engage attendees with live polling, up-voted Q&A, and attendee chat on your virtual event app and website.

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In-App Social Features

Create an activity feed where attendees can stay in touch, share pictures, and get to know one another online.

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Contacts & Messaging

Your eventScribe App and Website includes an attendee list with email and messaging options.

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