What Clients Are Saying About CadmiumCD


"I've been working with Cadmium for more than 2 years and have found the system user-friendly. The improvements made in APP design over the last couple years have received positive feedback from users. And above all, the Cadmium staff are responsive and a pleasure to work with. "

Jenny Campano, Global Academy

"Using Cadmium as our event management system has provided a more streamlined process for staff, speakers, sponsors and exhibitors. We can tailor each event to ensure we're collecting and managing what we need and as we've grown, Cadmium has had new products and add-ons that fit nicely into what we need to continue to have a one-stop shop for our events. We appreciate our partners at Cadmium!"

Megan Tallman, FPA
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"We've been working with CadmiumCD for three years, and the products are wonderful. The speaker harvester, exhibitor harvester, abstract scorecard, and mobile app make our conference planning experience so much easier! The staff is great as well. We are especially grateful to Brooke Benton who has been on-site with us the past couple of years. She is very helpful explaining the app to our attendees, and dealing with our last-minute on-site requests. We look forward to utilizing CadmiumCD products for many years to come. "

Joanne Greco, HP
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"We are a new client who is using the digital app as a supplement to Continuing Medical Education (CME) programs. We wanted to do away with the cost and inefficiency of a 'paper' course materials and found the CadmiumCD product to be a great alternative. You really worked with us and our short timeframe and limited budget. Our participants, mostly physicians and mid-level clinical providers, have quickly adapted to the new technology and have been so complementary of us for our innovative thinking and high-quality product. Those words of praise really belong to you and our great, project manager, Chris Bland. Thanks for making us look so good! "

Howard J Horwitz, SCLRC

"I used Cadmium to manage our first-ever accreditation process for our worldwide chapter network. The Cadmium interface made sense to users regardless of their comfort level with technology. Our account rep set up a complex questionnaire to accommodate our three different component types, and it worked great. The tech support rep was unfailingly helpful, even when dozens of applicants piled on at the deadline. Having a good product with such a strong support network made the process go very smoothly throughout. We absolutely will continue using Cadmium for future accreditation rounds."

Ann Dorough, AIA Strategic Initiatives
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"It's true, we are in the cheering section behind the products at CadmiumCD! I have now used the eventscribe app for 5 courses and really have nothing but great things to say about it. Our attendees were a little apprehensive about switching from paper to electronic but once they started navigating and using the app they had positive feedback."

Kristi Casale, American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry