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What Clients Are Saying About CadmiumCD


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"As always, the final product is something to be proud of. Thank you for working with me to get it right."

Val Nirala, ASA
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"Cadmium's suite of products make the administration of our meeting cycles easier, from the ability to update data with worksheet and generate custom reports, to having a single easy-to-search repository for speaker and presentation data. Plus Cadmium staff provide exceptional "customer service" -- they're efficient, pleasant, and often go the extra mile to help."

Kris Leotti, American College of Gastroenterology

"Cadmium is very user friendly. I appreciate how it can be customized to fit our needs. "

Maggie Selinske, NAN

"My experience with Cadmium extends over the last 7 years and I can honestly say it has been a pleasure and positive experience working with my Team at Cadmium. The customer service I have received is stellar and always in a timely manner. The staff is extremely knowledgeable and I am always amazed at the improvements Cadmium provides each year to make the experience more efficient. In addition, the staff is always patient and willing to suggest better ways to accomplish my goals. They are #1 in my book."

Pat Ettl, National Association of Colleges and Employers
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"I started working with CadmiumCD five years ago. It was one of the best professional decisions I have made. We started with capturing content and have grown our relationship with Cadmium to include our abstract submission management, speaker and presentation management, gala seating, exhibit sales, interactive exhibit floor planning, convention website, and mobile apps for our convention and four smaller events. Every stakeholder has only positive feedback. The CadmiumCD team is easy to work with and responsive but even better - they are open to suggestions for improvement. They never stop innovating. When I am asked to provide a reference for CadmiumCD, my standard response is "Hire Them. You Won't Regret it.""

Teresa Eyet, American Health Care Association
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"I love the tear sheets! They has made sharing logistics and billing so much easier."

Yvonne McLean, ALA