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What Clients Are Saying About CadmiumCD


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"We had been using session registration for several years. The system was rigid, requiring full session registration into an exterior system and being unintelligent about thing like room capacities and how many people had been scanned. Our attendees often expressed frustration with how slow it was. The response from the system would, at best, be fifteen minutes. Cadmium's system was everything the previous system wasn't. It was quick, with response time at right about a minute, it gave us real-time information on check ins and room capacities, and allowed smooth check ins and room management with that information. The design of their system met our real needs and allowed us to take advantage of the technology to improve attendee experience."

Isabel Penraeth, MGMA
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"We encourage our speakers to utilize audience response technologies, and we found the Cadmium product to be easy to incorporate into presentations and audience friendly. The attention that our presenters using this product received from Cadmium staff was outstanding."

Janis Knoetzel, WVC
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"CadmiumCD is one of the best companies I work with on a regular basis. It is a pleasure to interact with their staff as they are so friendly and helpful. We do not use the full range of their products as we just use CadmiumCD for our conference recordings, but the things we do use work great and the improvements that have been made in the 7 years we have been a customer have been dramatic. I would recommend any other association or company use Cadmium. They are consistently innovating and making improvements to their range of products. In the future we will hopefully use more cadmium suite products. CadmiumCD will make interacting with a vendor a pleasure every time."

Chris Flow, IADR
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"This was our first year using CadmiumCD and as with any transition to a new vendor, there was a huge learning curve. The CadmiumCD staff have been amazing to work with and have made the transition as painless as possible. They spent time helping my team determine the best ways to utilize their software for our conference. CadmiumCD provided a high level of support and customer service that exceeded my expectations. Additionally, the system was easy to use (I love the built in help tips!) and our speakers and attendees gave a lot of positive feedback about their experience on the platform as well. "

Becky Anthony, ENTSOC

"Pretty streamline on both ends, as the submitter or reviewer. Once the back end is all set up, it works smoothly."

Rhea Ambanta,

"Great service "

Meg Anderson, Council for Advancement and Support of Education