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What Clients Are Saying About CadmiumCD


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"Cadmium is an absolutely powerful and wonderful conference management tool! The Survey Magnet portion of the software is awesome! I also can't say enough about all the wonderful team members at Cadmium. Sharon Risberg is extremely helpful and an absolute pleasure to work with! I've also had the pleasure of working with Marianne Bryant. I honestly feel like both of these individuals are an extension of our team. It's really wonderful! "

Anjella Heath, AHCA
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"Always great Cadmium - thanks!!!!"

Adam Fultz, Arthroscopy Association of North America

"Cadmium is very user friendly. I appreciate how it can be customized to fit our needs. "

Maggie Selinske, NAN

"The cadmium platform and project management team is incredible! The commitment to the success of my event is unparalleled and I am so grateful for the support."

Olivia Snow, Teacher's College, Columbia University
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"As a tech nerd, I really enjoyed Cadmium and its capabilities. This was my first time using event tech and it was exciting to see the database information populate into the end-user platforms so seamlessly. Cadmium provides a wealth of training opportunities and training documentation. I loved being able to learn on my own and reach out for help. My co-worker prefers to be guided step by step. With Cadmium we were provided with both types of service. I appreciate that Cadmium is constantly evaluating and improving their products and takes feedback from users directly to the development team to be implemented."

Michelle Khoury, Lifesavers Conference, Inc.
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"Cadmium is an excellent tool for harvesting speaker info. The staff also responds quickly when client service is needed. I love the flexibility and ease of customization within Cadmium's tools. I also love the search bar in the settings page -- haven't seen that anywhere else and is very useful. My company will continue using it for our upcoming conferences. "

Eric Larson, NAMA