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What Clients Are Saying About CadmiumCD


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"Cadmium CD is an innovative "one stop shop" for conference management software. The personal service to help create the most effective and customized product says a lot about how much they care about their clients. The software is user friendly, and you can build which options will best suit you needs. The response time to questions is amazing, and their collaboration with team members to provide the best service is something you can't put a price on. The feedback from our users is that the software is straight forward and easy to use. I couldn't have asked for a better product. "

Mary Saier, ISCD
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"CadmiumCD provided such such strong customer service both leading up to and during our recent virtual event that I will be singing their praises for quite some time to come. Not only were they responsive to issues that were out of our control, but they were also quick to jump in to help us with problems of our own creation! The Cadmium team understands events better than many other software companies I've worked with as an event planner, and I greatly appreciate that. They are also always looking for feedback to improve their processes and products, which is so valuable in the tech industry and refreshing to see. "

Elizabeth Dackson, TMQG

"Using Cadmium as our event management system has provided a more streamlined process for staff, speakers, sponsors and exhibitors. We can tailor each event to ensure we're collecting and managing what we need and as we've grown, Cadmium has had new products and add-ons that fit nicely into what we need to continue to have a one-stop shop for our events. We appreciate our partners at Cadmium!"

Megan Tallman, FPA

"Cadmium is very user friendly. I appreciate how it can be customized to fit our needs. "

Maggie Selinske, NAN
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"Cadmium CD is very user-friendly and allows us to customize our conference to fit the needs of attendees. The team at Cadmium is great and very responsive."

Karen Allison, AWRA
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"We have finished 2 events with Cadmium (1 physician-facing and 1 patient-facing) and both were great experiences for our staff, our vendors, and our attendees! We were able to cater the Website setup to provide information relevant to each event and design the flow in a way that was easy to follow for our attendees. Having the website available post-event for on-demand access to recordings also provides a great, consistent experience for attendees. We like how flexible the back end and design options are, the reporting is robust, and the modules work together nicely which saves us time and keeps information organized. Highly recommend!"

Jennifer Vitek, Kidney Cancer Association