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What Clients Are Saying About CadmiumCD


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"The Cadmium products and team help us stay organized and work more efficiently. The tools provided for each product help us do much more on our own and creates seamless transitions from conference to conference. "

Samantha Jones, AAOMS
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"CadmiumCD is one of the best companies I work with on a regular basis. It is a pleasure to interact with their staff as they are so friendly and helpful. We do not use the full range of their products as we just use CadmiumCD for our conference recordings, but the things we do use work great and the improvements that have been made in the 7 years we have been a customer have been dramatic. I would recommend any other association or company use Cadmium. They are consistently innovating and making improvements to their range of products. In the future we will hopefully use more cadmium suite products. CadmiumCD will make interacting with a vendor a pleasure every time."

Chris Flow, IADR

"Using Cadmium as our event management system has provided a more streamlined process for staff, speakers, sponsors and exhibitors. We can tailor each event to ensure we're collecting and managing what we need and as we've grown, Cadmium has had new products and add-ons that fit nicely into what we need to continue to have a one-stop shop for our events. We appreciate our partners at Cadmium!"

Megan Tallman, FPA

"The cadmium platform and project management team is incredible! The commitment to the success of my event is unparalleled and I am so grateful for the support."

Olivia Snow, Teacher's College, Columbia University
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"We were two months away from our event, when our app provider cancelled our service. Frantic to find another vendor to create a brand-new app for a 1,700-person tech conference, Experient recommended CadmiumCD. We could not have found a better partner. Under an extremely tight timeline, CadmiumCD was able to create a full-conference app for us that far exceeded our expectations. As the eventScribe app can be fully integrated with Experient, the process to import attendee data was seamless. The Harvester systems for importing presentation and exhibitor information was intuitive and truly a timesaver. We were able to create a full agenda for the entire conference, complete with full speaker profiles and PowerPoint presentations that were available for all users to view and download. Additionally, we were able to update all this information ourselves in real time, making last-minute changes to the event schedule incredibly easy to manage. With the eventScribe app, we were in fact able to forgo all traditional printed conference collateral – welcome booklets, agendas, room lists, etc. – saving us an incredible amount of time and money. We formally launched our app a week before the conference, and I think the numbers speak for themselves. We had more than 2,000 app users and 160,046 presentation downloads. Our attendees had all the information they needed at their fingertips, from contact information for our speakers to the Wi-Fi password. They also enjoyed the in-app messaging feature as it allowed them to easily network with other attendees and share information. In addition to attendees and speakers, our on-site venue and vendor partners also encouraged their staff to access the app so that they could better assist guests with wayfinding as well as provide event information. I cannot recommend CadmiumCD and the eventScribe app enough. Our app was an invaluable tool for our attendees, speakers and exhibitors, and the CadmiumCD team went above and beyond to assist us leading up to our conference and during the event itself. Thank you again to everyone at CadmiumCD for taking on a challenge and truly rising to the occasion!"

Brittany Williams, SPIRIT OF CLEVELAND
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"CadmiumCD is a true partner. As a third party, we represent a variety of different events and needs and it is rare to find a partner like Cadmium who will listen to our needs, talk through solutions and take the time and effort to develop solutions to fit our needs. Their staff is fantastic!"

Emma Nelson, LEAGUE