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What Clients Are Saying About CadmiumCD


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"The National Association of Neonatal Nurses (NANN) used Cadmium to host our first-ever virtual conference and had a fabulous experience! Our attendees loved the site and felt it was very user friendly. We loved that we could make it our own and that even when we dreamed up ideas like a custom-designed Virtual Expo landing page, Cadmium experts were there to help make our vision a reality. We also love that Cadmium seems to be constantly making improvements and adding features from which NANN was able to benefit. Thanks to Cadmium for being such a wonderful partner to us for NANN Virtual!"

Molly Anderson, NANN

"Cadmium has helped our Conference planning processes become more streamlined and easier to plan. With a conference that has multiple sessions, a trade show and other events within the main event, we needed a platform that was able to help us work more efficiently. We look forward to seeing the continual progress of our event by using Cadmium."

Christine Poole, Consortium for School Networking
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"Cadmium is a critical platform for AANA."

Adam Fultz,

"I've worked with CadmiumCD for several years and will continue to work with them in the future. They have good customer service and continue to develop their software to remain competitive and meet the needs of our authors."

Genevieve Finnegan, Advanced Medical Education Conference Education Services
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"The Cadmium products and team help us stay organized and work more efficiently. The tools provided for each product help us do much more on our own and creates seamless transitions from conference to conference. "

Samantha Jones, AAOMS
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"Having worked with CadmiumCD for over a decade with multiple organizations, I can attest to the quality and professionalism of their product. As a small organization, we here at ACPM need to maximize the productivity of every member of the team. Before Cadmium we were forced to spend 100s of staff hours transferring speaker and abstract information from our collection system, to the website, to the on-site app. Information needed to be updated in multiple locations and nothing was in real time. Using CadmiumCD to integrate all of these systems has dramatically lessened staff hours, to a point that we are planning to add another meeting each year as large as our Annual. This simply could not have been considered without CadmiumCD."

Ben Butz, ACPM